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  • Product Type: Battery Backup Unit
  • Type: Li-ion
  • Condition: 100% New OEM
  • Voltage: 3.7V
  • Capacity: 7WH / 1000mAh
  • Number of Cells:1 cells
  • Manufacturer: DELL
  • Part number: L550E-S1-DELL
  • Wattage: 550W
  • Voltage range: 100-240V 50-60HZ 7.4-3.7A
  • Certification: 80 PLUS PLATINUM
  • Hot plug / non hot plug: Hot plug
  • Compatibility: Dell Poweredge R320 / R420 / R430 / R440 / R6415
  • Additional information: 94% efficiency extended power performance epp


  • PowerEdge R710, T610
  • PowerVault NX3000, NX3100
  • Part Number: 0YFG1C YFG1C
  • Compatible Model: A870P-00 N870P-S0
  • Compatible Dell Model: 
  • -PowerEdge R710, T610
  • -PowerVault NX3000, NX3100
  • Compatible Part No: VPR1M, FU100, J98GF
  • Compatible Model No: C570A-S0, A570P-00, A570P-01
  • Manufacturer: DELL
  • Part Number: F350E-S0
  • Wattage: 350W
  • Voltage Range: 100-240V 50-60HZ 4.8A-2.4A
  • Certification: 80 PLUS SILVER 
  • Hot Plug / Non Hot Plug: HOT PLUG
  • Compatibility: Dell Poweredge T320 / T420
  • Additional Information: 94% efficiency extended power performance epp

Compatible Dell Model: Dell Precision T3620, Dell Precision T1700

Compatible Part Number: HU365EM-00, D365EM-00, DPS365CB, T1M43, 7VK45

  • Compatible with Model:  
  • -Dell Optiplex 360 380 740 745 755 760 780 960 MT
  • -Dell Dimension E510 MTE520 MT, E521 MT
  • -Dell PowerEdge T100 MT, T110 II MTT105 MT
  • Compatible Part No:  NH493, PH333, XK215
  • Compatible Model No:  PS-6311-5DF-LF, NPS-305KB A, HP-P3077F3-LF
  • Compatible Dell Model: Dell Precision T3600 Workstation, Dell Precision T3610 Workstation, Dell Precision T5600 Workstation, Dell Precision T5610 Workstation, Dell Precision T5810 Workstation, Dell Precision T7810 Workstation
  • Part Number: RHHKV, C2TXD, CVMY8, W1FJK, FT7T6, K61PK
  • Model Number: DPS-825CB-1 A, DPS-825CB A, D825E004L, D825E003L, D825E002L, D825EF-02, H825EF-01

Compatible Dell Model: Dell Precision T5810 Workstation, Dell Precision T7810 Workstation

Compatible Model No: DEL-D-0685ADU00-201, DEL-D-0685ADU00-301, DPS-685AB-2 A, DPS-685AB-1 A, D685E002L, D685E003L, D685EF-01, H685EF-00, F685EF-01

Compatible Part Number: CYP9P, VDY4N, W4DTF, K8CDY, CT3V3, KTMT8

  • Compatible Dell Model: Dell Precision T5820T5920T7820T7920
  • Part Number: 0V7594CXV28, WGCH4
  • Model Number: D950EF-00, H950EF-00, DPS-950DB AAC950EF-00

Compatible Dell Model: T7600, T7610, T7910

Compatible Part No: MF4NG, H3HY3, V5K16, 6MKJ9, 09JX5

Compatible Model No: D1300EF-00, D1300EF-01, D1300EF-02, H1300EF-00, H1300EF-01, H1300EF-02, DPS-1300EB A, DPS-1300DB A, D1K3E002L, D1K3E001L