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KEE-O MOSCLEAN IS1 1 UV LED Mosquito & Insect Trap MQ-HN (Black)
Price RM270.00
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Size (L x W x H) 20 cm x 20 cm x 23.2 cm
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  • Advance UV LED technology
  • High efficiency UV projection
  • Accurate 365nm peak wavelength consistency for mosquitoes
  • Old technology
  • Only blue light
  • Produces very little and inaccurate UV wavelength


KEE-O MOSCLEAN IS1 1 UV LED Mosquito & Insect Trap MQ-HN (Black)





  • World's Most Effective UV LED Mosquitoes Trap, It can catches 13 times more Aedes Mosquitoes (ZIKA & DENGUE) and 9 times more Anopheles Mosquitoes (MALARIA) compare to the conventional mercury lamp mosquito trap. Proven result by Dr. Philip G.Koehler, Ph.D, University of Florida.
  • KOREA ECO-Friendly product producing UV-C that is NO harm to people & animals and NO mercury used.
  • Experiment proven 13 times more effective to catch Aedes Mosquitoes by Dr Phil Koehler, University of Florida
  • High tech control UV LED wavelength at 365nm that is favourite by mosquitoes.
  • Optimised LED light wavelength with wider coverage up to 20,000 sqft and life span 20,000 hours.
  • Plug and play. NO chemical, mercury bulb or refill required.
  • Capture mosquitoes, insects and flies.
  • Quiet operation of fan (below 28.3dBA Typical) without spark noise.​



Why choose MOSCLEAN IS1


  • ​NO Chemicals, NO Mercury, NO Insecticide
  • NO Harmful Radiation
  • NO Harmful for Skin and Eyes
  • NO electrical grille
  • NO need refill or replacement bulb
  • TESTED, Proven result with laboratory and research testing
  • QUIET operation
  • ENERGY SAVING, as low as RM0.63 per month for 24hours usage everday
  • SAFE for every home usage



​​Where it can be use


  • Living Room
  • Dining Area
  • Bed Room
  • Kitchen
  • Garage
  • Balcony





Product name MOSCLEAN IS1
Mode of action  Dehydration 
Size  200 mm x 232 mm (H)
Colour Black
Weight 359g
Attractant source Optimized UV LEDs+ CO2
Noise  28.3dBA (Typical)
Power Consumption 4W (MAX) 
Power DC 12V adaptor, 100-200V
Installation Hanging hole / Stand top
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1 x KEE-O MOSCLEAN IS1 1 UV LED Mosquito & Insect Trap MQ-HN (Black)