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Power Supply PSU
Power Supply PSU

We are trusted computer Power Supply supplier in Malaysia. TYFON TECH SDN BHD provide various type of ATX Power Supply PSU online. Get the best and quality PSU deals in term of specification, size, durability & warranty.  There is popular Powerlogic Magnum Pro 225X with 20 + 4pin connector or ARMAGGEDDON voltron 600 GOLD with 6 + 2pin PCI-E connector for upgrade your gaming computer.


For more information on computer Power Supply, contact our sales consultant @ 018-2017110 or visit our showroom TYFON TECH at Lot G09, Level G, Desa Complex, Jalan Kepong, 52100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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  • Compatible Acer Model:
  • Acer Aspire Series: X1200, X1301, X1400, X1420, X1420G, X1700, X1800, X1900, X1920, X3100, X3200, X3300, X3400, X3400G, X3810, X3812x, X3910, X3950, Z3100, Z3101, Z3730, Z3731, Z3751, Z3761, Z5101, Z5751, Z5760, Z5761
  • eMachines Series: EL1200, EL1210, EL1300, EL1300G, EL1321, EL1331, EL1331G, EL1333, EL1333G, EL1352, EL1352G, EL1358, EL1358G, EL1833, EL1850, EL1850G, EL1852, EL1852G, L1200, L1210, L1700pan
  • Veriton Series: X275, X480G, 3500 PENTIUM 4 SERIES, 3500G PENTIUM 4 SERIES, X270
  • Gateway Series: SX2300, SX2310, SX2311, SX2370, SX2800, SX2801, SX2802, SX2840, SX2841, SX2850, SX2851, SX2855
  • Gateway One: Z3760, ZX4931, ZX4951, ZX6951
  • Compatible Part Number: AC35357, CPB09-D220E, CPB09-D220R, DPS-220UB A, DPS-220UB-3 A, PE-5221-08, PS-5221-06, PS-5221-9, PY.22009.003, PY.22009.006, PY.2200B.001, PY.2200B.002, PY.2200B.003, PY.2200F.006, PY.220B.011, PY2200B002, PY2200B011, PY2200F006
  • Compatible Model No: DPS-220UB A, DPS-220UB-A, CPB09-D220R, PS-5221-06, DPS-220UB-5 A, DPS-220U B-5A, L220AS-00
  • Compatible Acer Model :
  • Acer Veriton B430, B630, X2640, X2640G, X4630, X4630G, X4640G, X6630G, X6640G.
  • Compatible Part Number
  • DC.2201B.001, PS-3221-9AB, DC.22018.002, DC.2201B.002, 9PA2202500, FSP220-30FABA.
  • Model: PS500-F1V2
  • ATX Version: ATX
  • Input Range: 115V-230V, 50Hz-60Hz, 10A/6A
  • Total Max Power: 500W
  • Input Freaquency Range: 50-60Hz
  • 1 Fan
  • 1x Motherboard 20+4PINS, 2x 4-pin CPU, 2x 4-pin IDE Power, 2x SATA Power
  • Model: RS-460-PSAR-I3
  • ATX Version: ATX Form Factor
  • Input Range: 110-120/220-240V~10/6A 60/50Hz
  • Total Max Power: 460W
  • Input Freaquency Range: 60/50Hz
  • 1 Fan
  • 1 x 24-Pin Main Power,
  • 1 x 4+4-Pin CPU Power,
  • 4 x SATA Power,
  • 3 x Molex,
  • 1x 6-Pin PCIE Power,
  • 1 x Floppy
  • Model: RPS0077
  • ATX Version: ATX Form Factor
  • Input Range: 100V-240V / 15A - 7.5A 47Hz - 63Hz
  • Total Max Power: 1200W
  • Input Freaquency Range: 47-63Hz
  • 1 Fan
  • 1x ATX 24 broches (20+4 broches / 18+10 broches), 1x 8 broches (CPU 8 + 4 + 4 broches), 3x 8 broches (8 broches / 6 + 2 broches PCIe), 2x SATA 6 broches (6 broches / 4x SATA)
  • Compatible Models: Dell Inspiron 3647 660s Vostro 270 270s Small Form Factor SFF Systems. you could plug 24-Pin / 20-Pin / 4-Pin ATX Power Connector for power main board, and power your hard drive with 2x SATA Power if it does not work, make sure you power / power cord is right, or make sure you had not plug the right Connectors with main board
  • Compatible M/N: L220AS-00 L220NS-00 L220WS-01 D220ES-01 D220PS-00 D220R004L H220AS-00 H220NS-00 HU220AS-00 HU220NS-00 HU220NS-01 HK320-82FP HK329-82FP D220R004L DPS-220AB-9 A DPS-220AB-12 A DPS-220UB A CPB09-D220R
  • Compatible P/N: R82HS R82H5 R5RV4 RTTPJ FXV31 M32H8 P3JW1 TTXYJ 4C9X9 5NV0T 650WP 6XYV0 89XW5 96MTV PS-5221-03DF PS-5221-02D1 PS-5221-03D4
  • Compatible Dell Model: Inspiron 620, 660, Vostro 260, 270
  • Compatible Part No: MPCF0,0MPCF0, 5DDV0, 0VWX8, 5W52M
  • Compatible Model No: H300PM-00, HK400-17FP, HU300PM-03, L300PM-00, H300NM-00
  • Compatible Dell Model: Dell Optiplex 3010 7010 9010 Precision T1650
  • Compatible Part No: 56DXG, 61J2N, 841Y4, 84J9Y, CF5W6, CPFN1, D3PMV, FC1NX, FDT8H, NFRTK, R8JX0, VGDDM
  • Compatible Model No: AC275AM-00, AC275EM-00, D275EM-00, H275AM-00, HU275AM-00, L275AM-00, PCB013, PS-6271-6DJ, HK375-13FP
  • Compatible Dell Model: Dell Optiplex 3020 7020 9020 Precision T1700
  • Compatible Part No: KGF74, N0KPM, P0KFV, P2W4R, RVTHD, WHN49, 4FGD7, HYV3H, NFX6T, 776VT
  • Compatible Model No :  HU290EM-01 , HU290EM-01 , PS-3291-1DB , HU290AM-00 , L290AM-00 , PS-3291-1DF , H290AM-00 , D290A001L , H290EM-00​ , F290EM-00 , D-0290ADU00-201
  • Compatible with Model: Dell Optiplex 3020 7020 9020 Precision T1700
  • Compatible Part No: V9MVK, FP16X, NT1XP, 3XRJ0, YH9D7, VX372
  • Compatible Model No: H255ES-00, HK355-82FP, PS-3261-2DF, L255AS-00, D255ES-00 
  • Compatible Dell Model: 3040, 5040, 7040, 3650, 3656

  • Compatible Part Number: 4GTN5, DHVJN, 0TRD3, H62JR, 0M1C3

  • Compatible Model No: D240E012L, L240NM-00, L240EM-00, B240-EM-00, H240-00, D240-EM-00, L240AM-00
  • Compatible Dell Model: 3040, 5040, 7040, Inspiron 3650, Inspiron 3656

  • Compatible Part Number: 20WFG, 020WFG, CN-020WFG, 25KG6, 025KG6, CN-025KG6

  • Compatible Model No: L180AS-00/02/03, H180AS-02/03, H180ES-00, AC180NS-00
  • Compatible Dell Number: Optiplex 210L, 320, 330, 360, 740, 745, 755 GX520, GX620, Dimension C521, 3100C
  • Compatible Part Number: CN-0M8803, 0M8803, M8803, K8965, N8374, KC672, NC912, MC638, 0MC638
  • Compatible Model No: H220P-00, HP-Q2228F3P LF, N220P-00
  • Compatible with Model: Optiplex 390, 790, 330, 3010, 7010, 9010, Inspiron 530s, 531s, 537s, 540s, 545s, 546s, 560s, 570s, 580s, 620s, Vostro 200s, 220s, 230s, 260s, 400s
  • ​Compatible Part No: 375CN, 3MV8H, 3WFNF, 6MVJH, 76VCK, 77GHN, 7GC81, CYY97, FY9H3, G4V10, HY6D2, M61W4, NVYVN, PDF9N, W298D, XSKJ8, XFWXR, YJ1JT, 5FFR5
  • Compatible Model No: AC250ES-00, D250A005LD250AD-00, D250ED-00, DPS-250AB-67, DPS-250AB-68, H250AD-00, L250NS-00, PS-5251-08D, PS-5251-06, TFX0250D5W


  • Compatible Models: Dell Optiplex 390 790 960 990 3010 7010 9010 Small Form Factor SFF Systems
  • Compatible P/N: 3WN11, PH3C2, 2TXYM, 709MT, RV1C4, J50TW, 592JG, 66VFV, CCCVC, 7NF62
  • Compatible M/N: H240AS-00, DPS-240WB, AC240AS-00, L240AS-00, AC240ES-00, H240ES-00, D240ES-00, PCB015, D240A002L
  • Compatible Dell Model: 390, 790, 990
  • Compatible Part number: YC7TR, 9D9T1, GVY79, 053N4, D3D1C
  • Compatible Model NoF265EM-00, AC265AM-00, 265EM-0, H265AM-00 , L265AM-00
  • Compatible Dell Model: Optiplex 580760780, 960980
  • Compatible Part Number: CY826, RM110, FR597, WU123, N249M, V6V76, T164M
  • Compatible Model No: F255E-01, D255P-00, L255P-01
  • Compatible Dell Model: 360380GX620, 740745755, 330 DT
  • Compatible Part Number: MH596, MH595, RT490, NH429, P9550, U9087, X9072, NC912, HP-Q2828F3P LF
  • Compatible Model No: AA24100L, D280P-00, H280P-00, L280P-01, H280P-01, , L220P-00, AA24120L, N220P-00, PS-5281-5DF-LF, H290E-00
  • Compatible Systems: Dell Dimension 5100C, 5150C, 9200C XPS 200, XPS 210, OptiPlex GX520, GX620, 740, 745
  • Compatible Part No: MH300, 0MH300, RW739, 0RW739, KH620, 0KH620, YK840, 0YK840, JW067, 0JW067, RM117, 0RM117, 0PW124, PW124, 0TD570, TD570
  • Compatible Model No: H275P-00, H275P-01, D275P-00, HP-L2767F3P LF DPS-275CB-1A, NPS-275CB A , HP-275GF3P LF
  • Compatible Dell Model: Optiplex 760,  780, 960, 980 SFF
  • Compatible Part Number: 0PW116, PW116, FR610, RM112, 67T67, R224M, WU136
  • Compatible Model No: H235P-00, HP-D2352A0, D235ES-00