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Dell PowerEdge R710 T610 PowerVault NX3000 NX3100 Power Supply PSU 870W NPS-885AB A N870P-S0 0YFG1C 07NVX8 (Refurbished)
Price RM250.00
Product SKU product-1670226133409
Brand DELL
Size (L x W x H) 20 cm x 7.79 cm x 6.4 cm
Availability 6
  • PowerEdge R710, T610
  • PowerVault NX3000, NX3100
  • Part Number: 0YFG1C YFG1C
  • Compatible Model: A870P-00 N870P-S0


Dell PowerEdge R710 T610 PowerVault NX3000 NX3100 Power Supply PSU 870W NPS-885AB A N870P-S0 0YFG1C 07NVX8 (Refurbished)





Compatible Dell Model


PowerEdge R Series

  • PowerEdge R200
  • PowerEdge R210II
  • PowerEdge R230
  • PowerEdge R240
  • PowerEdge R310
  • PowerEdge R330
  • PowerEdge R340
  • PowerEdge R410
  • PowerEdge R420
  • PowerEdge R440
  • PowerEdge R510
  • PowerEdge R520
  • PowerEdge R530XD
  • PowerEdge R550
  • PowerEdge R620
  • PowerEdge R630XL
  • PowerEdge R6415
  • PowerEdge R650XS
  • PowerEdge R6525
  • PowerEdge R715             
  • PowerEdge R720XD       
  • PowerEdge R730XD
  • PowerEdge R740
  • PowerEdge R740XD2
  • PowerEdge R7425
  • PowerEdge R750XA
  • PowerEdge R7515
  • PowerEdge R805
  • PowerEdge R815
  • PowerEdge R830
  • PowerEdge R900
  • PowerEdge R210
  • PowerEdge R220
  • PowerEdge R230XL
  • PowerEdge R300
  • PowerEdge R320
  • PowerEdge R330XL
  • PowerEdge R350
  • PowerEdge R415
  • PowerEdge R430
  • PowerEdge R450
  • PowerEdge R515
  • PowerEdge R530
  • PowerEdge R540
  • PowerEdge R610
  • PowerEdge R630
  • PowerEdge R640
  • PowerEdge R650
  • PowerEdge R6515
  • PowerEdge R6515
  • PowerEdge R720
  • PowerEdge R730
  • PowerEdge R730XL
  • PowerEdge R740XD
  • PowerEdge R7415
  • PowerEdge R750
  • PowerEdge R750XS
  • PowerEdge R7525
  • PowerEdge R810
  • PowerEdge R820
  • PowerEdge R840
  • PowerEdge R905
  • PowerEdge R910
  • PowerEdge R930
  • PowerEdge R940XA
  • PowerEdge R920
  • PowerEdge R940


PowerEdge T Series

  • PowerEdge T20
  • PowerEdge T105             
  • PowerEdge T110II
  • PowerEdge T300
  • PowerEdge T320
  • PowerEdge T340
  • PowerEdge T410
  • PowerEdge T430
  • PowerEdge T440
  • PowerEdge T610
  • PowerEdge T630
  • PowerEdge T100
  • PowerEdge T110
  • PowerEdge T140
  • PowerEdge T310
  • PowerEdge T330
  • PowerEdge T350
  • PowerEdge T420
  • PowerEdge T550
  • PowerEdge T605
  • PowerEdge T620
  • PowerEdge T640


PowerEdge C Series

  • PowerEdge C1100
  • PowerEdge C6100
  • PowerEdge C6220
  • PowerEdge C2100
  • PowerEdge C6420
  • PowerEdge C6105


PowerEdge M Series

  • PowerEdge M420
  • PowerEdge M600
  • PowerEdge M610
  • PowerEdge M620
  • PowerEdge M710
  • PowerEdge M805
  • PowerEdge M830
  • PowerEdge M910           
  • PowerEdge M520
  • PowerEdge M605
  • PowerEdge M610x
  • PowerEdge M640
  • PowerEdge M710HD
  • PowerEdge M820
  • PowerEdge M905
  • PowerEdge M915


PowerEdge SC Series

  • PowerEdge SC420           
  • PowerEdge SC440           
  • PowerEdge SC1425
  • PowerEdge 1600SC
  • PowerEdge SC430
  • PowerEdge SC1420
  • PowerEdge 1500SC



  • NX3000
  • NX3100

Compatible Part No

  • 0YFG1C
  • 07NVX8
  • D263K
  • VT6G4
  • PT164


Compatible Model No


  • A870P-00
  • N870P-S0
  • NPS-885AB



Model N870P-S0
Dell P/N 0YFG1C
Type ATX Form Factor
Dimension (W x l x H) 26cm x 20cm x16cm
AC Input

+12V / 71A

12VSB / 1.5A

Inout Frequenct Range 50-60Hz
Max Output Power 870W MAX
Output Capacity 870W
Fan 1 Fan 
Interface Type 26 Pin



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1x Dell PowerEdge R710 T610 PowerVault NX3000 NX3100 Power Supply PSU 870W NPS-885AB A N870P-S0 0YFG1C 07NVX8 (Refurbished)